“This Time” is an empowering rock anthem that serves as a call to action for you to make a change, however big or small it may be. The world will try to tell you that you can’t, aiming to discourage anyone who’s willing to step up and challenge the status quo. But those who believe in “This Time” know that nothing will get in their way. This moment isn’t waiting, you’ve got to face it, there's no stopping “This Time”.


A global initiative aimed to encourage individuals to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Whether you’re facing a personal challenge or doing your part as a global citizen, the time is always now to be the change you want to see. So what are you facing today? What local or global issue do you want to see fixed? Share it on social media using the #ThisTimeInitiative hashtag and be a part of the solution!


“This Time I’ll stand up for myself” | Margie | United States

"We set our sights to rise above..."

“This Time I’ll believe in myself” | Sandra | Macedonia

“This Time I won’t give up” | Arthur | United States

"Will we give it a chance?..."

“This Time I want to see the world spread love” | Fabien | France

“This Time is precious, don’t take it for granted” | Viktorija | Croatia

“We’re still believing in this time…”

“This Time vote” | Juliana | United States

“This Time I will win an oscar! | Eve | Scotland

“Will it give us a chance?…”

“This Time I’ll wake up early!” | Anastasia | Russia

“This Time I’ll make more time for travelling” | Breanne | United States

“And the closer we get only to find the farther it seems to get away…”

“This Time I’d use music to change the world!” | Kristina | Germany

“This Time I spread positivity” | Rebekka | Germany

“Fall to pieces if we’re not strong…”

“This Time we’ll live a remarkable life” | Evelyn | China

“This Time I know that I can do everything” | Daria | Russia

“It’s a chance to take it…”

“This Time I would believe ‘I can’” | Pallavi | India

“This Time I want 2 put myself first!” | Jocelyn | United States

“We’ve passed the start…”

“This Time I will change fashion” | Kajan | United States

“This Time express yourself” | Stephany | Colombia

"All the sparks they never wanted you to light..."

“This Time I’ll love myself” | Alyssa | United States

“This Time my life matters” | Phil | United States

"You know you’ve got to face it..."

“This Time you should laugh more” | Sina | Turkey

“This Time we will believe her story” | Christina | United States

“will it come undone if we wait too long?…”

“This Time I’ll do a random act of kindness” | Michelle | United States

“This Time I’ll travel around the world” | Claudio | Switzerland

“We’ve passed the start…”

“This Time I want to focus on me” | Abigail | United States

“This Time for Dinamo Zagreb without Zdravko Mamic” | Marko | Croatia

“All the systems that the world could not design…”

“This Time I would donate blood more frequently to save lives!” | Usha | India

“This Time I’ll encourage people to recycle” | Victor | Dominican Republic

“We never know if this life will take us far from home…”

“This Time I will be just myself” | Neha | India

“This Time I’ll unite people w/ my music” | Jack | United States

“All the dreams we own will tell us if we stay or if we go…”

“This Time I’ll take my chances” | Bisera | Macedonia

“This Time I’ll visit my best friend’s home country” | Angel | United States

"You know you’ve got to face it..."

“This Time I’ll use less paper to reduce global warming” | Rani | India

“This Time we need more love” | Jan | Germany

“This Time be proud of yourself” | Alejandro | Colombia

“This Time I want everyone to get along” | Edgar | Mexico

"no we can't think in black and white when the world is in color..."

“This Time I’ll be a big help to others” | Margie | United States

“This Time I want to change inequality in the world” | Maria | Dominican Republic

“We can’t stop, don’t put out the light For our sisters and brothers…”

“This Time I want to be part of something bigger” | Alexander | Germany

“This Time go harder than you think you can” | Keaston | United States

"send them a sign to tell them it's time..."

“This Time I’m on a music video!” | Daniel | Germany

“This Time & always I will let her be” | Parthaj | India

“We don’t understand it, but we can’t fight it…”

“This Time I will listen to my mom” | Juan | Colombia

“This Time I’ll have a good time!” | Parthaj | India

“We’ve crossed the line…”

“This Time I’ll be there with my family” | Moises | Colombia

“This Time we will house the homeless” | Yogi | United States

“The wind blows it carries the birds to the amber skies…”

“This Time I’m gonna by myself” | Olimpio | Brazil

“This Time I’ll make it big” | Austin | United States

“This moment ain’t waiting…”

“This Time I would try to run a marathon” | Manish | India

“This Time I’m gonna finish what I started” | Danila | Russia

"Will we give it a chance?..."